Learn more about working in Australia and the visa requirements with this list of frequently asked questions.


What type of visas are available to work in Australia?

There are several skilled working visas to choose from that allow you to either work anywhere in Australia or in a specific region. Find out more.

What occupations are in high demand?

Right now, there is a high demand for skilled healthcare and education workers. For more information visit skilled occupation list.

What healthcare benefits can I get?

Australia’s healthcare system is one of the best in the world, providing safe and affordable healthcare for all Australians through the Medicare Benefits Scheme. Medicare covers all of the cost of public hospital services. It also covers some or all of the costs of other health services. These can include services provided by general practitioners and medical specialists. They can also include physiotherapy, community nurses and basic dental services for children. Find out more.

Myth: I won’t be able to further my tech career in Australia

Truth: Australia’s a magnet for tech investment in critical areas including finance, regulation, medicine and education, according to Austrade’s Benchmark Report. You’ll find plenty of great job opportunities here.

Myth: Australia’s not the best place for science and research

Truth: Our highly-skilled, highly-talented workforce helps make us one of the most innovative countries in the world. Our scientific institutions rank in the world’s top 1% in 15 individual fields of research – including space science, physics, computer science and clinical medicine.