Think regional Australia means the Outback? Think again!

For migration purposes, most locations outside of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are classified as designated regional areas. They include some of Australia’s vibrant capital cities, such as Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Canberra and Hobart, as well as bustling regional metropolitan areas like the Gold Coast, Geelong and Newcastle, and idyllic country towns nestled within some of Australia’s most scenic landscape.

Wherever you choose to live in regional Australia, you’ll find a strong market for skilled jobs, access to quality amenities and services, and the opportunity to carve out a great lifestyle.

Find a great job in regional Australia

Many regional areas are experiencing skills shortages. Depending on your occupation, and where in regional Australia you choose to live, you may find it easier to get a job than in a major city like Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane. Some jobs are in extremely high demand in regional areas, including those in health, engineering, technology and education.

Some state and territory governments offer financial incentives to encourage skilled workers to live and work in regional or rural locations. The South Australian Government, for example, is offering relocation support to entice health professionals to work for SA Health, while the Queensland Government is offering doctors who migrate to regional or remote Queensland an additional payment on top of their base salary.

"When I first arrived in Australia, I found a job as a social worker in Alice Springs. Working in remote towns has taught me many things and helped me take the next steps in my career."

Ajeesh Sebastian - India

Social worker

photo of Ajeesh Sebastian

Recreation and leisure on your doorstep

Some of the most picturesque scenery in Australia is on the doorstep of regional towns and cities. If you’re keen on outdoor pursuits, you can access parks, gardens and bike paths, as well as hiking trails and camping grounds.

Coastal cities and towns also offer fishing, swimming, surfing, paddle-boarding, sailing and a host of other water sports. And, you can even ski in Australia with popular alpine regions in New South Wales and Victoria.

Many regional centres have vibrant food and cultural scenes, with art galleries, museums, theatres, cinemas and restaurants.

"I really wanted a change of lifestyle and to spend more time outdoors. Cairns has been a good base to go camping and explore waterfalls and creeks."

Emma Duthart - Scotland


photo of Emma Duthart

Access to quality amenities and services

Cities and regional areas in Australia provide many of the same public amenities and services as Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

You’ll find good-quality schools, kindergartens, hospitals, medical clinics and maternal and child health centres, as well as public libraries, art galleries, theatres, swimming pools, sports arenas and golf courses.

Most small country towns have schools, a kindergarten, a supermarket and other amenities like coffee shops, a hairdresser, a bakery and a post office.

Access to healthcare

Regional areas are well supported by health services. Capital cities and cities in regional areas have world-class public and private hospitals, while larger country towns usually have a base hospital supported by smaller hospitals and GP (family medicine) clinics in surrounding towns.

Remote Australian communities without local healthcare providers are serviced by the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

"I like to explore new places, skills, people and cultures. I have found the multicultural community in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley region (NSW) helpful and respectful of individual rights and freedoms."

Anjali Awal Prajapati - Nepal


photo of Anjali Awal Prajapati

Countrywide connectivity

Australia’s national broadband network (NBN) covers most of the country, enabling regional and remote areas to access internet services via fixed wireless or satellite technologies.

"Darwin is possibly the most culturally diverse city in Australia. The community is extremely welcoming and inclusive. I have never experienced anything like it and love living here."

Leandre Piggott - South Africa

Project management

photo of Leandre